Pregnancy and Infant Health Conference


We are excited to share that NHIF has come on board as a sponsor of our 2-day Pregnancy and Infant Health conference. Every year we mark the Pregnancy and Infant Loss which happens on October 9th to October 15th. Still A Mum will be marking this week for the fourth year in a row, having been the first to mark it in Kenya in 2018. The conference is the first of its kind and will take place on 12th and 13th October 2018. We will wrap up the two-day event in the Awards Gala where we will celebrate the winners of the Still A Mum Awards. The conference and awards gala will be at The Nairobi Hospital Auditorium and the program is as follows.

  • Client Centered Health Care –this will be a full day training for medical staff that work in maternity and pediatric departments– midwives, nurses, gynecologists, pediatricians and maternity admin staff. This training targets 350 medical workers to train on a client centered approach in health care and will be on Friday 12th Oct 2018 8am -4pm.
  • Healthy Mom Healthy Baby –this event targets pregnant women and their partners as well as new moms and dads. These parents will be taught on safe pregnancy, delivery and newborn care. There will be a session on Infant first aid in the afternoon. The event will be on Saturday 13th Oct 2018 8am -4pm.
  • Still A Mum Awards Gala – This will be a dinner gala to award exceptional individuals, brands and companies in maternal and newborn care. The awards are currently in the voting phase and voting can be done here. The gala will also be a celebration as Still A Mum turns 3 and a fundraising dinner to raise money for our 2019 operations. It will take place on the evening of Saturday 13th Oct 2018 at the 12th Floor of the Nairobi Convection Center.


The National Hospital Insurance Fund known to most Kenyans as simply NHIF has evolved over the years. Originally, it was one of those deductions that you had on your pay-slip but did not quite feel its effect. Now, NHIF has a Supa Cover where even self-employed people pay 500 bob a month and get great covers of both outpatient and in-patient services. This is revolutionary because health insurance should be accessible to all, not just salaried people. NHIF is finally being felt as a national hospital fund. Even for people with other insurance covers, NHIF still pays their part of the hospital bill.

Because of our passion in maternal and newborn health, our best part of NHIF is the Linda Mama cover. The goal of Linda Mama it to provide a package of basic health services accessed by all in the targeted population on the basis of need and not ability to pay, positioning Kenya on the pathway to Universal Health Coverage (UHC). It is a public funded health scheme that will ensure that pregnant women and infants have access to quality and affordable health services. Linda mama’s goal is to “Achieve universal cases to maternal and child health services and contribute to the country’s progress towards UHC” To understand exactly what services Linda Mama covers read here.

With our recent partnership with SHOFCO who have health facilities in Mathare, Mukuru and Kibera, we have been able to see just how Linda Mama has changed lives. Mothers are delivering in health facilities more than ever before. And this a huge milestone because hospital deliveries reduce maternal and newborn deaths. It is therefore such a joy for us to partner with NHIF in the agenda for better pregnancy and infant health in Kenya.

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