Lessons from loss

Lessons from loss

Towards the end of July 2016, my husband and I lost our son at 22 weeks in utero. He was due to be born in late November. This was a first pregnancy for us so we were super excited at the idea of becoming parents and building up our family. At that stage in our pregnancy, we thought we were out of the said danger zone where you are at a higher risk of miscarrying.

I have been open about sharing about our loss because it isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Also, personal experiences and lessons from loss online helped me know that this happens to so many women and reading other people experiences gave me hope that I will always remember, it just won’t hurt as much as time goes on.

Grief and loss at any stage of life is bound to happen. And we all deal with things differently. As someone who has been through pregnancy loss, I will share what meant the most to me in the days and weeks after.

Having my husband at home

My husband took almost 3 weeks off work which was amazing because he could help me around the house, take care of me, keep me company and help deal with the loss. No one should be alone after such a loss and it is something my doctor mentioned to me before I was discharged from hospital. Someone should be there to help out in the first few weeks and also be company when you need a hug or want to talk. It can be anyone from a spouse, family member or a trusted friend.

Visits from immediate family

I wasn’t in any mood to have anyone visit but I allowed for immediate family members to visit us at home the first week. Be courteous and ask before you visit at the hospital or house. If the person declines, respect that. If they agree, don’t stay too long, keep the visit under two hours.

As friends and family, you don’t have to say anything

I know it was hard for people to tell us anything and the awkwardness sometimes leads people to say things that may not be taken kindly. I had a few things told to me that I honestly wish I didn’t hear. Some comments are not as comforting as we would like to think. It is ok to just say ‘sorry for your loss’. You can’t fix the pain the person is experiencing no matter how hard you want to.

Acts of service go a long way

I really appreciated that I had home cooked meals in my fridge for at least two weeks. I didn’t have to worry about that thanks to my mother, my sister and mother-in-law. It was such an amazing gesture that we appreciated so much. People who visited would help out by washing dishes, shopping, running an errand and such like acts. At this point in life, acts of service was definitely my love language. Ask if there is anything that needs to be done and offer to do it.

These are not necessarily confined to pregnancy and infant loss but any type of loss. So next time you are in a position where you are not sure what to do, hope my tips will be of help to you.


This post was written by Wangene Maina, a member of Still A Mum and the heart behind Still A Mum Rainbows

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  1. Anonymous 2 years ago March 31, 2017

    I came across this from the chatterbox website, checking out a play.
    I have a close friend who lost her 4 day old baby 2 weeks ago. It has been hard on her; we try to be there but we may not fully understand it.
    Now at least, she can be ministered to by other mums who have been there. Thank you so much for this.

  2. Juliet Kavulani 2 years ago April 2, 2017

    I thank God a friend just told me a bout still a mum. On 1 March 2017, l delivered a baby girl via C section who was just very ok. We had prayed God for a daughter and He answered our prayers. We were the happiest family to have her. Unfortunately the wonderful moments lasted for only 20 days. She died of a sickness the doctors called “sepsies” we just buried her at home. That was my second C section at 41. I feel sad, angry, lost, wasted, hopeless and Heavens let me down, my chances for a daughter now gone. I try to act strong in my boys presence but cant hide it. My husband is trying to hide but the pain is killing him. He has never experienced the joy of having a daughter in his family, his siblings were boys. When l sleep, wake up, in the bathroom all l see is my beautiful baby girl. Pls someone who went through such pain and despair tell me how you moved on.

  3. Emmah 2 years ago July 3, 2017

    great article.. a friend of mine needs to know about this website right now…

  4. Trina 1 year ago January 29, 2018

    I was 6weeks pregnant, When the father of my child decided to lace my drink with cytotec also known as an abortion pill( which can be bought over the counter at an affordable price) I got severe pains ,shivers and started bleeding,when I informed him he acted shocked yet guilty…i was traumatised and confused ,took myself to hospital and was told I have an incomplete miscarriage, the dad is now missing and is nowhere to be found..im so confused and still in grief

    • Michelle Korir 12 months ago March 6, 2018

      I am so sorry for your loss, and the trauma you must have sustained. I hope you find healing during this difficult time. If you would like emotional support please reach out to us with your contacts.


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