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Expecting a Rainbow Baby: Wangene Maina

Within the pregnancy and infant loss community, there are terms used to describe babies and one of them is a rainbow baby. A rainbow baby is a baby expected and born after loss.

It is believed that a rainbow appears after a storm. It is a sign of hope and beauty, so a rainbow baby is the celebration of hope to a mother or couple who have experienced loss and grief.

Expecting a baby after loss can be hard on the mother and/or couple. They may not necessarily be open about their pregnancy but that doesn’t mean that they are not excited. They can be cautious because sadly they know that being pregnant doesn’t really mean bringing a baby home.

Expecting and parenting after you have experienced loss is hard because you live with the fear of ‘What if it happens again?’ Thankfully, at Still A Mum, we do offer support to those expecting their rainbow babies.

Check out our private Facebook group – Still A Mum Rainbows and you can contact an admin on the page if interested in the support group.


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Michelle Korir

Michelle is a contributor at Still A Mum. She loves cats and enjoys reading and writing in an attempt to discover the mysteries of the human mind. She is also a counsellor and writes about life at www.thescroll.co.ke.


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