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male infertility

Myths about male infertility

Last week we talked about the myths surrounding Infertility and women. Men, as you may guess, are not exempt from these prejudices and thus the need for today’s post. Myth 1: I am less of a man because I cannot get her pregnant. This is the twin male counterpart of

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Infertility: A reserve for the closet?

One in every eight couples knows what it is to struggle with infertility. They know what it is like to wait every month for a positive test that never quite shows up and this can be very agonizing and especially more if they have to keep this struggle hidden away.

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Infertility : In Vitro Fertilization

Over the recent past, we’ve been discussing infertility. We looked at the myths surrounding it and established that it’s a medical condition affecting both men and women indiscriminately. Today, we peer into In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and how it solves the infertility snag. So, how does IVF help people who

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